The Lost Mines

Boris Battans Battle Bazar!

Swords, spears and scale mail! All at bargain prices!

“Good afternoon there sir’s and welcome to Boris Battans Battle Bazar! We’ve swords that can cleave a goblin right in’alf, bow’s that flies truer than a clerics sermon and armor so tough it makes dragon hide look like parchment!”

As you walk in you see that the walls are stacked with various suits of armor, racks of swords, spears and axes are everywhere along with various adventuring supplies. If there was every a place to buy a weapon, it was here.

“You’ve gold, I’ve supplies. Lets eh, lets have a look and see what old Boris can do for you then eh? Here is the list of prices, now these are non negotiable but I can assure you, I’m the one loosing out ‘ere. I’m pretty much giving these away as it stands!”

Boris Battan, a rough dwarven man as wide as he is tall, hands you a a plank of wood with a piece of paper nailed atop listing what’s for sale.

Use your starting gold here to purchase weapons and supplies. Remember that you need to be proficient with something to be able to use it without penalties. Don’t forget to get some supplies or anything else you might need. Most shops are not as well stocked as Boris’, so get all you can!

“If ye don’t find what you’re looking for, let me know and Boris will do what Boris can to assist!”





thomaspacey gradylawless

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